Monday, April 30, 2012

Dellorto carb 

Today might be a little less wet than yesterday, if so I'll take another test run. A quick search online revealed:


and the distributor can supply most parts. If the problem persists I think my money is on the atomiser (part #3) as I gave the main jet a good squirt and it 'looked' OK.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Post MOT work 

Yesterday afternoon I replaced the front wheel bearings (6203, 2 off) but then found that as I tightened the axle the wheel was seizing! How odd. Two rather homemade looking washers were in the speedo drive casing and after much analysis it seems that the speedo drive casting has worn and thus fouls on the hub-mounted  drive gear. I botched a slightly thicker washer and that cured it. I'm hoping to get a custom part made to avoid the 2 washer problem-waiting-to-happen. Moreover I think the play in the front wheel wasn't the bearings but was due to the axle assembly not being tightened up.

Today I've been out twice in the rain and hope that a I have solved the rough running by a combination of checking the breather hoses on the rear carb, squirting all the jets through and ensuring the airbox to elbow joints are right. I'm not happy though as the rear carb mixture screw doesn't have a 'sweet spot'. The engine speeds up more as the screw is opened. I'll try another trip another day to see if  it will start from cold and if it is still running OK.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ongoing maintenance 

I've committed a few evenings of work to the Kanguro and moved a bit forwards:

I've fitted a 520 O-ring chain, with rivet link, although I had quite a bit of deliberation to decide how long it should be. Hopefully the chain will last many thousands of kilometres.

I've swapped the cam belt for a nice new Contitech from RS. They seem to have a good turnover of these and the new belt was dated for February 2012. This also seemed a good opportunity to clean out the petrol tank so I drained it via the filler cap, gave it a quick swill around, and popped in a litre or so.

This morning I took the Kanguro for its MOT test and it ran terribly. It improved on reserve and after tipping the bike to the right, so I'm hoping it was simply too low on fuel for accurate carburation. After a top-up at home the carbs looked to be well balanced.

It passed its MOT test although whilst doing a little bit of cleaning I spotted freeplay in the front wheel bearings. The tester had dithered around the wheel so I think he found it and was trying to decide if the fault deserved a fail. I'm surprised he didn't issue an 'advisory note'. Anyway, that's another job that needs doing. The parts manual doesn't list the bearing specification so I'll only find out on dismantling it. The local shop might have them...

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Over the years I have replaced the Heavy Duty 530 chain  a few times. Note that I said chain, I've not done a full sprocket and chain set. I know this is inadvisable but I found that the supposedly HD chain wore quite rapidly withe some dirt road use whilst the sprockets still looked OK.

Anyway, this time the front sprocket was starting to be hooked and so a full set had to be fitted. I decided to try a 520 O-ring conversion, as per the later Kanguro models, as experience on other bikes suggests that 'branded' 520 chain has quite a bit of use in it between adjustments.

The sprockets from NLM were rather a tight fit. I only managed to fit the rear by getting it fairly warm with a hot air blower (shouldn't spoil the hardening at such a low temperature) and then seating it by gradual, but as fast as I could, tightening of the bolts. I suspect that the sprocket wouldn't slip if the bolts were removed!

While messing with the sprockets I had the opportunity to clean and check the brake drum - lots of lining left.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Valves and airbox 

The old oil was run out of the cold engine so as not to move debris around and left to dribble whilst working elsewhere, filter out and washed too:

Valve clearances were checked and found to be 0.1mm on inlet and up to 0.15 on exhaust. I'd rather the exhaust were loose than tight so they were left alone. Whilst in the head cover I popped a dribble of oil onto the rockers to lubricate as the engine hasn't been run in ages. This was worked in with a few turns of the crank as the tappets were checked.

A new air filter. Easy to write but it took ages. I'll bet they built the bikes around the filter housing at the factory. Is it possible to do this job without disturbing the carbs?

A few litres of fresh 10W40 was run in and the level needs to be checked before starting the engine. It is only fine adjustment so it won't be a disaster if I forget!

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Blog moved 

Some years ago, blogger, stopped the use of FTP publishing and insisted that the blog was stored with Google. Well I didn't like that and basically stopped working on this blog. Moreover, I stopped working on the Kanguro as I had lots of work to do on the house!

I have finished one set of house tasks and have elected to take a break and have renewed my interest in the Kanguro and moved the blog as 'The Man' wanted. So look out for some new posts as the mighty machine is prepared for spring rides.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

This blog has moved 

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