Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Yesterday I took the Kanguro for its annual road worthiness test. I had been concerned that it might be difficult to start as it's not been out for a while and it does have daft days. Anyway, no problem, second kick and off it went.

Everything was fine for the test as I'd expected.

Riding the bike after a break highlighted a few aspects. The gears are very low - you're soon in second - but this means you've a lot of revs at low speeds whatever. I think this is why itt can be a bit fierce in the dirt. The suspension is bouncy soft, the front brake does nothing with a little squeeze but then bites. The breaking was fine for the test.

Despite mentioning these aspects of the ride it did go nicely and but for the torrential rain and rush hour traffic I would have gone for a little ride. Perhaps it would make a good supermoto style machine?

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