Saturday, January 13, 2007

Too much noise
Last time I took the Kanguro out for a spin I noticed that it was making a lot of noise when closing the throttle. The chain needed tightening and the exhaust nuts had loosened a little.

One turn on the adjusters got the chain firm whilst on the stand, with the tension being taken by the guide wheel. Once on the wheels there was the usual inch or so of slack.

The castellated nuts on both cylinders had broken their lock wire and moved enough to put a little movement in the headers. I suppose some of the noise was escaping gas during engine braking.. I'm always frightened of tightening these nuts too much as one of the head threads is spolit a little and they're never excellent.

After this spot of fetttling I went out for an hour or so and took in some easy lanes. The bike is great until it gets rough and then the suspension, especially the forks, fails to cope. On tarmac and smooth gravel roads it's very stable and reassuring.

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