Thursday, August 18, 2005

Some summer rides

Over the last few months I've been out on the bike for a number of short rides - mostly including some easy non-tarmac lanes. I'm happy with how the machine goes but the forks do need a little tweaking.

The thing that is annoying me now is the centrestand. It's always had a habit of 'clanking' but I'm sure it's getting worse. Either the spring is tiring or I'm hitting bumps faster! Occasionally I even think it's hitting the ground. This is a heavy X3-style stand being retracted by 1 feeble spring. I don't think the frame point for the spring is robust enough to take a stiffer spring. This means that the sidestand is becoming an issue. Really the absence of a sidestand has been a problem as it can be impossible to find a place to lift it onto the centre stand.

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