Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Carb balance

To complete the routine service I went out for a 5 mile roudn trip to get the engine warmed up and returned home to a Carbtune.

The idle vacuums were pretty close, but I did correct it, also the rear cylinder seemed a spot rich. Very slight adjustment to cable then needed. I was pleasantly surprised how close it was.

Whilst doing this I noticed that the front exhaust nut lock wire had come undone and the nut was a fraction of a turn loose. So that was corrected.

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Monday, September 26, 2005


It's just over a year since the bike was back on the road and 6 months or so sonce the last oil change, so time for the service.

The rocker clearances on the front cylinder were spot on, jus over 0.1mm on the exhaust, but less than 0.15mm. On the rear clylinder they were both over 0.15mm so closed them a little. I did ensure that the exhaust was on the loose side of 0.1mm. The godo thing is that there is no sign of closure of the clearance which woudl indicate rapid wear of the seats.

This was my first time at changing the air filter with the filter box in situ. It is just possible to manipulate the front part of the box and filter out of the frame without moving the carb attachments. Lots of parts of the box were greasy and so it needed a thorough wipe down with solvent. I've put the rocker breathers into the air box so that proably contributes to the grease level. As the filter looked grotty I put a new one in. I think I've understood the arrangement of the bits of plastic at last. It was a real squeeze to refit the box but possible. I find the carb/box joins rather dubious and didn't want to remove those unless essential.

Next was to remove and clean the plastic sump guard. It accumulates a lot of dirt. The oil change was uneventful. The sump plug had its usual little pool of grime and metal particles, nothing of note in the strainer. As usual repalcing the oil was a tedious job even with flexible pipe and funnel.

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