Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spring 2013 

At last spring arrived and a new MOT was obtained without difficulty. After a little fettling I took the Kanguro to Bedfordshire for the MRC AGM weekend. Now whilst last weekend was sunny and summery, this one was cold, wet and even sleet fell.

The campsite at Henlow was excellent; we chose the 'Roundel' for our meeting and the site provided some small marquees for the formalities and to allow a club meal to be prepared. I was very grateful that AM was able to adapted the preparations to be vegan-friendly at short notice. A custom-made Italian feast; what a treat!

A few eager members managed to light a fire in the central pit (using firewood supplied by the site) which provided a much needed warmth.

The Kanguro even managed to win an award for "Best Off-Road', not too hard as it was really the only candidate. I suppose that does make it the best, as none of the others had made the journey!

The journey to and from Sheffield wasn't too bad on the M1, 220km in just under 3 hours. There didn't look to be a viable scenic, but not excessively time-consuming, alternative route. In the past I have ridden the A5 to Milton Keynes but it isn't very attractive and progress is hampered by the towns along the road. At these motorway speeds I estimate fuel consumption to be around 62mpg.

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