Saturday, August 22, 2009

Reassembly of X3 stator

As I'd mentioned, the spacer between coil and copper plates had perished so I made a new one from the blank plastic 'disc' that is included in 'cakes' of CDRs. It was rather a fiddly job but with care it was accomplished without cracking the plastic.

Rather annoyingly my rewound Lambretta coil was not suitable for the X3 stator as the iron laminations, despite having a basic height of 11mm, are rather 'tall' and the coil terminal would have been very close to the iron. I got a Vespa PX part from Beedspeed and that had its terminal a little higher and thus with more distance from ground. It had the traditional scooter 450 ohm windings so I stripped those off and rewound it wit h300 turns, achieiving 320 ohms. The coil was then coated with acrylic varnish and then araldite.

But, and there's always a but, the former is a little larger and with the plastic spacer there is only room for one of the 2 copper plates.

After rewiring the stator I covered the terminals with more Araldite, paying special attention to the ignition LT coil. Water or dirt between these is likely to stop the engine.

The end result looks fine.

Refitting the stator was straightforward although i did manage to strip the thread on one of the cover retaining screws. Luckily my 6mm Helicoil kit was to hand and it was sorted in a matter of minutes.

But does it work?

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