Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Loom made up

I'm please to say that I've completed the wiring loom and tested it on the floor of the dining room. It all seems to be right first time! Obviously I've not been able to check the charging and ignition circuits that way but they are fairly simple parts of it.

Now I need to install it on the bike and hope that all the legs are the right length, or at least not too short.

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Friday, July 16, 2004

Start of the loom
Now I've got 2 packages, one from Vehicle Wiring Products containing a bundle of cable, 'ordinary' spade connectors and a new horn etc. The other is a collection of Molex 0.093" multipin conenctors from Farnell.  These connectors are the OE ones used by Morini and so they will enable me to plug into the handlebar controls directly and also make any other connectors on the loom look appropriate. 


However I don't want many conenctors on the loom as each joint is a weak spot and has potential for corrosion. With this in mind I've drawn up fresh wiring designs. To keep it simple I've put each circuit on a single sheet of paper so that when I come to do the job I'm not overwhelmed. Seeing all of the bits as bad enough!

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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Side panels

Part of my plan had been to do the rewire so tidyly that I didn't need the side panels. I've got a really small battery and a minature regulator but even so I can't see how to accomplaish this.

Therefore I've stripped and repainted the sidepanels. I learnt from the mudguard experience and finished the stripping with wet & dry to get rid of the scratches. Over a week I applied a white primer in 1 and a bit coats and 2 and a bit coats of white.

After 2 days to dry I managed to get rid of the few 'orange peel' zones with rubbing compound. Now they are polished they look pretty good.

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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Time it

A day after refilling with oil there's no drip, so maybe I have suceeded?

Today's job was to adjust the ignition timing. The bike was relectant to start withthe pick up at the 'static' point. With the strobe on it was obvious that it was retarded. After a few attempts I think I've got it about right. I don't like running the engine in the garage at 6000rpm though. It seems Ok on the road!

At the end of thsi it started much more easily, but of course the engine was warm.

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Friday, July 02, 2004

Put all the bits back

Over the last few days I've been cleaning up the left side cover - getting the old sealant off the faces and wiping muck from depressions in the casting. The cam shaft seal was replaced easily, although I can't see it being easy with the cover in place. I smeared blue Hylomar on the cover face, stuck the gasket on there and then smeared that too. Also a little on the gear shaft.

The problem was fitting the kick start mechanism. It's a bit like getting a jack-in-the-box back home. To make it harder you are supposed to be fitting the cover carefully so as not to damage the seals. Was it a mistake not to repalce the clutch seals.

When the cover was on I packed silicone gasket material into the splines inside the spacer and removed excess.

At frist the kick start didn't work properly as the quadrant was in the srong position. Anyway, after turining it clockwise half a turn it felt correct.

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