Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fuel consumption 

I did a quick trip to Allen Jefferies BMW to buy a waterproof today. That's not so interesting but it is worth reporting that the Kanguro averaged 75mpg over the journey - I topped the tank at the petrol station near home on my way out and on return. The trip included town and motorway at speeds from 50mph to just under 70mph. That should give 210km before reserve and maybe 50km on the last 2 litres. The sidestand was a great help.

The idle was consistent and the pickup good. I think I've got the carbs as near 'right' as they are going to be.

I didn't come away with a new, or used, BMW. Nothing really caught my eye. Please will someone make a 400cc V-twin, with soft tuning and long service intervals, a rally-style fairing in pliable plastic, some off-road ability, 400km range and standard 18" and 21" spoked rims, all at a weight of maybe 160kg wet?

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