Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bolt-on sidestand 

Early in the rebuild I decided that the swingarm-mounted sidestand had to go as it was disfigured beyond repair. However, as mentioned almost 18months ago, if trials pattern MT43 tyres aren't fitted, the centrestand is hard work to deploy as the machine has to be lifted best part of 50mm. That's hard after a long day and with luggage on board.

I've previously contemplated a bolt-on solution but couldn't summon up the energy, no the idea for a good design. Anyway, last week I managed to strain my abdominal muscles (I suspect running down a steep grassy hill) and so the need for a prop stand became acute.

I'd two stands in the cupboard, bought off eBay, as 'universal' fitment, which of course means 'some fabrication may be required'. The Kanguro round tube frame is lacking in clear straight areas that could take a clamp so I looked towards the pillion peg support.
It is welded all around, even on the hidden surface, so should be adequate. This location avoids interference with the gearchange transfer system and will store the stand at the level of the sump guard.

I made a back plate out of 6mm steel flat and welded on 2 strips of 2mm flat to locate it on the support. I'm out of practice with my MIG welder so it's not pretty!

The aluminium stand was then bolted on:

The assembly was then attached to the support by a quadrilateral 'washer':
I appreciate that this design puts a bending force on the 6mm flat and the support. I don't mind too much if the bracket deforms after a few dozen refuelling stops; that's an excuse to make version 2.0. Hopefully the support piece won't be damaged.
 In action it's pretty good, perhaps a few more degrees of  lean would be better so that the machine is not too vertical if the back is lowered by luggage. But it's a tough call as a steeper angle puts more load on the brackets.

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