Thursday, December 30, 2004

Steering lock cover

Before having the frame coated I'd thought about removing the steering lock and welding up the hole on the frame. Then I thought better of it as I worried about it going wrong and spoiling, rather than improving the frame.

However when the frame came back from coating the lock cover had been dented and looked a mess. I could have complained but what was the point? What's done is done! So it had to come off which left an ugly casting with a hole into the headstock - but now I was in no position to saw it off and do welding. So I made a cover from a piece of stainless. I drilled and tapped the rivet holes in the casting to M3 and fixed the cover in place with a pair of small screws secured with a dab of Loctite.

In view of the workhorse nature of the bike I didn't bother finishing the plate to a high polish.

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