Monday, December 20, 2004

Frame returned

This morning I took delivery of the coated frame and other bits. The overall finish is good, but not excellent. It's fine for my purposes but I can see those restoring to 'concours' standard feeling the result inadequate.

On examination I found a problem with the swingarm bush on the rightside of the frame. When I'd removed the pivot pin I'd taken care to unscrew it, but it wasn't screwed in. There was a lot of rust. Anyway, now it's cleaned it is obvious that it should have been threaded as the remnants can be seen.

To repair this whilst avoiding damage to the freshly coated frame I'm intending to fit a helicoil-type insert. There's always a problem isn't there?

Somewhere along the line the steering lock had suffered an impact and was bent so I've cut it out. The brass body was stuck with rust into the frame so even when the rivets holding the retaining cover were drilled off it wouldn't pull out.

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